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Brand Ambassador 101: Promomash (BA101)
Brand Ambassador Courses
Brand Ambassador 101: Promomash (BA101)
This course is designed to give you an overview of Promomash - so that you're able to schedule and report on your demos - and get paid.
Brand Ambassador 102: Demo Orientation (BA102)
Brand Ambassador Courses
Brand Ambassador 102: Demo Orientation (BA102)
An introduction to Carlson with some background information on Omega-3s for new Brand Ambassadors.
Brand Ambassador 103: Olive your Heart (BA103)
Brand Ambassador Courses
Brand Ambassador 103: Olive your Heart (BA103)
Learn about Carlson Olive your Heart - a combination of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and marine-sourced Norwegian Omega-3s. With more than 1200 mg of EPA and DHA per serving, getting your omega-3s has never tasted so good!
Carlson 101: Meet Carlson (CL101)
Carlson Core Courses
Carlson 101: Meet Carlson (CL101)
A brief history of Carlson. Should take about 15 minutes.
Carlson 102: Carlson Quality (CL102)
Carlson Core Courses
Carlson 102: Carlson Quality (CL102)
Find out why the Carlson brand has been second to none since 1965. 3 handouts. Should take less than 15 minutes.
Carlson 103: Carlson Value (CL103)
Carlson Core Courses
Carlson 103: Carlson Value (CL103)
Defending your bottom line and supporting optimal health since 1965. 3 handouts. This module should take about 12 minutes.
Fish Oil 101: Intro to Omega-3s (OM101)
Omega-3 Courses
Fish Oil 101: Intro to Omega-3s (OM101)
An introduction to the concept of Omega Balance and a few of the best selling Carlson Fish Oil supplements.
Fish Oil 102: Fish Oil Forms (OM102)
Omega-3 Courses
Fish Oil 102: Fish Oil Forms (OM102)
Some brands claim superiority of triglyceride fish oils, yet prescription fish oils are not triglycerides. In depth information about fish oil forms. Discover the most important factor in making an informed omega-3 choice. The course takes about...
Fish Oil 103: Omega-3s Support a Healthy Heart (OM103)
Omega-3 Courses
Fish Oil 103: Omega-3s Support a Healthy Heart (OM103)
A discussion of some of the evidence that supports taking omega-3s and eating fish to support a healthy heart.
Fish Oil 201: Omega-3 Index (OM201)
Omega-3 Courses
Fish Oil 201: Omega-3 Index (OM201)
Learn more about the Omega-3 Index - a measure of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA+DHA in red blood cells and how it impacts your overall health.

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